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Contact us about any info regarding our past, current or upcoming events. We always have something happening for our student members, tutors, friends, colleagues and stakeholders.

'ChatterBOX' is our monthly social get together for MCP members. We also have: tutor dinners, group sessions focusing on topics of interest, presentations, and of course our 1-on-1 clubroom and online lessons.


Phone: (02) 9976 0930

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Our motto 'Meet; rain, hail or shine!'

ChatterBOX is our free, monthly social get together is a growing group of seniors interested in chatting about general topics and issues. We discuss all sorts of things!

We choose to meet the third Thursday of each month from 1pm-4pm, usually at DY RSL - with optional lunch before hand if you wish. Other times we organise trips out and about.

If you are interested, please register and join us. We will email you an invitation each month with a fresh topic of interest. 


Manly Computer Pals


P: (02) 9976 0930

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