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A Rewarding Experience

Who can be a Volunteer Tutor?

Anyone with sufficient knowledge and confidence using smartphones, tablets and laptops can be a Volunteer Tutor. A key skill required is patience to teach our 55+ seniors on what they want to know, giving them the confidence to broaden their skills in using their devices. The key ingredient to joining our team of Volunteer Tutors is your interest in experimenting with new and changing digital technology and sharing this knowledge. Displaying your excitement in these advancements reflects in your teaching which is integral in encouraging our learners. Your reward is an increase in your own skills and the satisfaction gained from being able to help others.

Our Club tutors volunteer to facilitate hourly, 1-on-1 sessions on a weekly basis with allocated learners. Tutoring is conducted by each tutor in the clubroom or online for 1 to 3 hours per week. Generally, a strong friendly rapport is built between both tutors and learners. Our Volunteer Tutors are encouraged to create a warm, friendly atmosphere to assist our senior members to learn at their own pace and are rewarded by the sincere appreciation and gratitude expressed by their learners. It is a valuable life experience.

Tutor membership is free and is open to anyone who has the skills and technical knowledge to navigate digital devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops. Whether you have proficiency in a single device, multiple devices, Apple, Android, PC, we definitely need your help. Those with an interest and understanding of smart home devices or smart cars, are also welcome. As a Volunteer Tutor with our Club it is essential to be patient and engender confidence to guide our senior members through a comfortable learning experience. Most club members have little or no technical knowledge or understanding of digital devices.

Manly Computer Pals has a Volunteer Agreement and undertakes a Police Check for new tutors.

Tutor Guidance
Full tutor guidance is available at our Club with a wealth of ongoing tutoring resources.

Train the Tutor Sessions
From time to time our Club runs in-house Train the Tutor sessions to keep our tutors updated with advances in technology, new apps and devices and changes in clubroom and online tutoring techniques.

Tutor Dinners
Our Club offers a generous donation towards regular tutor dinners throughout the year. Tutors enjoy this opportunity to catchup socially at our dinners which provides a relaxed platform for much interaction and discussion.

If you are Technology device savvy, and you have a couple of hours to spare each week, please consider being a Volunteer Tutor with us, Patience with our learners, and their joy of grasping new skill is incredibly rewarding. 

For further information on being a Volunteer Tutor, contact us:
Via email:
Via phone: 9976 0930
Or, do you know someone who would be a perfect fit? Please send them the URL to this page.  Thanks!

Manly Computer Pals


P: (02) 9976 0930

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