Manly Computer Pals*

A Computer Club for Seniors

“Our mission is to to educate seniors in the use of computer technology as a way of enriching their lives and making them more self-reliant.

We bridge the generation gap and assist seniors to find ways to benefit the community through their collective experience and knowledge.”  (ASCCA mission)

Does this seem familiar?

“Dad, Mum – guess what? I’ve been posted overseas and we’re leaving in a month!  We’re going to buy a new laptop computer and we’re going to give you our old one so that you can keep up to date with your grandchildren by Facebook and email and the Internet! Isn’t this great news??”

After the first shock has worn off, and you are left with your mind turning over “Facebook…email…Internet”, you suddenly realise you have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about!

Well relax, because that’s what Manly Computer Pals is here for.  We specialise in helping 55+ year old seniors with the confusing world of computers and modern technology, and we do it without all the non-stop stream of technicalities that young, eager IT shop assistants seem to specialise in!

How do we help?

Manly Computer Pals Inc. (MCP) is a not-for-profit organisation run entirely by volunteer seniors.  Manly Computer Pals’ sole objective is to provide low cost computer tuition, one-on-one (not classes with lots of students), to persons of 55 years of age and over.

In providing this tuition we recognise that our tutors will be teaching persons with widely differing backgrounds. Some will learn more quickly than others; some may feel overawed by the jargon and the technology.

If you have little or no experience with computers, we would ask you to undertake our Introductory Course. Normally conducted over 6 weeks at 1 hour per week, this ensures that you have the basic universal skills that you will need to operate, and feel comfortable with, a computer.

You will be offered a day per week when slot is available with a tutor whose skills to match your needs … this may or may not be the day you prefer.  This Tutor will be your prime contact with the club, and you and your Tutor are required to exchange contact information.  (But we do ask that you let your Tutor know if, for any reason, you are unable to attend.  After all, our Tutors are volunteers and we don’t want them twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do!)

In providing this one-on-one tuition we recognise that our tutors will be teaching persons with widely differing backgrounds. Some will learn more quickly than others; some may feel overawed by the jargon and the technology. But we adjust our teaching pace to suit your comfort zone so that you not only learn about computers but, and most importantly, enjoy the learning experience!

I’ve got a laptop – do you have laptops at MCP?

We quite often teach our students on their own laptops, as well on the Club’s Personal Computers (PCs) we have in our Computer room, along with the Apple Mac.  We handle most Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems, and we can teach you how to use smartphones, iPad and Android tablets and how to exchange data between them.

What could I learn to do?

Senior4One of the most confusing things for newcomers to computing is deciding what they want to learn.
The possibilities of what can be achieved using a computer are almost endless. There are few tasks, regardless of how complex, that cannot be done today by “average” people who are prepared to spend a little time on learning the basics. You may not believe it, but you too are capable of producing professional results which will astound everyone!

The Internet and Emails.­  It seems that everyone wants to get onto the Internet, and understandably so. Once you’re connected, you have at your fingertips an almost limitless resource of information, on every conceivable subject, and just a mouse-click away.  You can exchange messages virtually instantaneously with anyone in the world who is also connected, join “chat groups” of people who share your interests, send and receive photos of important family events, and even do your shopping!

Genealogy is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people of our generation realise that it is up to them to amass as much family history as possible, and pass it down before it is lost forever. This task is made both easier and more rewarding through special software which is available, and the wealth of genealogical information available on the Internet

Photo Editing is always been a popular application, but demand has increased dramatically with the rise of digital photography and the realisation that you can easily create your own “virtual darkroom” on your computer.  Whether you merely want to organise and catalogue your photo collection, apply simple corrections and enhancements to make you photos look better, prepare images to send over the Internet, or make major changes (like removing people you don’t like from your photos!), today’s software makes it easy and fun to achieve professional results without leaving your chair.


So feel free to explore our website for more information.  All our pages are accessible, (except for Members Only and Tutors Only pages).  We’ve shown how to contact us, what our fees are, what membership entails etc etc.

Welcome to Manly Computer Pals!



* COMPUTERPALS FOR SENIORS – MANLY INC       Commonly known as Manly Computer Pals (often abbreviated to MCP)