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1 on 1 Tuition 

In providing 1 on 1 tuition we recognise that our  our members may have widely differing backgrounds. Some will learn more quickly than others; some may feel overawed by the jargon and the technology. We adjust our pace to suit your comfort zone so that you not only learn about your device but, and most importantly, enjoy the learning experience!

 Little or no experience? 

  Learn the basics! Normally conducted over a school term at 1 hour per week to ensure you gain the basic universal skills you need to use and feel comfortable with your device/s. You will be paired with a tutor whose skills match your needs. Your tutor will be your prime contact with the club and you and your tutor should exchange contact details.
NB:  Please let your Volunteer Tutor know, if for any reason, you are unable to attend your planned lesson.

Laptop, mobile phone,  tablet – do you have these devices at MCP?

  Our tutors assist our members on their own devices. Learning on your own device makes for an easy, comfortable experience knowing each task learnt at MCP can be practised on you own familiar device at home. We can assist you with most digital devices including phones, tablets and laptops.
What could I learn to do?

  One of the most confusing things for newcomers to digital technology is deciding what to learn. The possibilities of what can be achieved using your devices are almost endless. Many tasks, regardless of how complex, can be learned by anyone prepared to spend a little time on learning the basics. You may not believe it, but you too are capable of mastering your device, which will astound everyone!

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Here are some ideas of what you might consider learning on your device:

 Backups News
 Books Passwords
 Calendar Photos
 Chat Podcasts
 Cloud Scams
 Data Protection Search
 Emails Shopping
 Filing Smart Home Devices
 Games Social Media
 Genealogy Streaming
 Internet Transport
 Library Travel
 Maps Weather
 Music YouTube

Smart Car Tuition
Do you have a modern car with onboard computer display? Not quite sure how to use it? Manly Computer Pals have a new offering to their smorgasbord of topics:

  • Bluetooth & wired connection
  • Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto
  • GPS Navigation
  • Sound systems, music menus, ABC Listen, Spotify etc...
  • Using driver assistance features
  • Cruise control (normal or radar)
  • Speed limiting
  • Automatic braking
  • Any other controls or features you might like to learn.

Ask us about smart car tuition today!

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