Our IT and communication Equipment

We use 3 PCs in our teaching. PC1 and PC2 have Windows 10 installed as the main MS System, as well as Windows 7 for those students who have not updated to Windows 10 yet. PC3 has Windows 10 installed as the main MS Operating System as well as Windows 8.1. We have a fourth PC (Windows 10 and Windows 8.1) which is coupled to a big TV screen for showing slides and demonstrating to several students at once.

But PC3 is a bit special. It has a very large touch screen so can operate just like a very large tablet that has a keyboard and a mouse as well!

For our Apple equipment we have an Apple iMac system, together with an iPad tablet.  Our Apple tutors also have skills with iPhones and the ways all the Apple equipment may exchange information and link together.

For tablet users we have Android tablets and most tutors know how they work.

Most of our tutors use or know about Android smartphones too.  They can show you how to transfer information from them to a PC and vice versa.

Our printers comprise 2 B&W laser printers.